Seagull Marine Services has right from its inception steered a course to pro actively pursue technology, tools and competence to provide cost-effective and seamless solutions to its customers. Its spare parts and equipments division have played an important role in helping ship owners and/or their Managers in their effort to reduce cost and secure a profitable operation in a sustained manner.

We acknowledge that financial consequence of equipment downtime is high, and additional uncertainties are prompting the industry to look for more definite assurance of product safety and reliability. Based on the awareness of system criticality, we are programmed to protect and prolong owner’s investment on plants and machinery's by supplying quality parts at competitive prices. To us, that means making it right the first time, each time.


Seagull Marine Services is uniquely positioned to provide this service to customers on a global basis. Our strategically located resource centers provide support to a network of service centers worldwide. Our team of qualified and competent engineers specialize in screening of specifications and/or provide technical supervision as part of value added service to our customers. Through a state of the art IT infrastructure, we have the ability to communicate expediently to all relevant parties instructions and results from specified activities.

Armed with in-house warehousing and logistical support, we are ready, able and willing to meet our customer’s specified requirements. Hereafter, please find the detailed information of our product line and services. Additional technical information pertaining to specific products shall be furnished upon request along with the offer.